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  • How to prepare GOOD water-based PU adhesive?


    Before using the water-based PU adhesive, add GOOD water-based adhesive specialty hardener into the adhesive and stir to mix them together.

  • How to stir GOOD water-based PU adhesive?


    1. After adding hardener evenly, use pneumatic mixer to mix the adhesive at speed of slow to quick.
    2. 500 RPM is a suitable stirring speed and the stirring time is about 8 to 10 minutes.
    3. Small bubbles appearing during stirring process is normal.

  • What is the percentage of hardener added?


    1. Normally the percentage is about 5%.
    2. When the humidity rate is over 95%, add 6 to 7% of hardener to prevent it losing efficacy.
    3. The solid content of GOOD water-based PU Adhesive takes up 50% and the rest 50% is water, therefore the hardener used should be high content due to the high consumption of hardener.

  • Can organic solvent be used to dilute GOOD PU adhesive?


    Absolutely not. Adding organic solvent would make the stirring uneven and the adhesive demulsify and lose efficacy. If the adding of organic solvent is necessary, we recommend adding the solvent that can dissolve both in water and the adhesive, which makes it easy to stir evenly. However, the percentage of solvent added can’t be too high.

  • Can oil-based hardener be added in GOOD water-based PU adhesive?


    Absolutely not. GOOD water-based PU adhesive is best used together with GOOD water-based adhesive specialty hardener. Adding oil-based hardener will make it hard to stir evenly and have a bad crystallization. The solid content of oil-based hardener is not enough, which can’t meet the reaction requirement of water-based PU adhesive.

  • Without adding hardener, can GOOD water-based PU adhesive be used?


    During shoe-making process, hardener must be added to GOOD water-based PU adhesive to improve performance of the adhesive. No matter in molding or sole processing, adhesive with hardener has better performance of initial adhesion, permanent adhesion, heat resistance, ageing resistance and resistance to hydrolysis.

  • Can GOOD PU adhesive be diluted? And how to do it?


    1. Yes, it can. We recommend deionized water or pure water for the dilution and the adhesive should be stirred evenly in the dilution process.
    2. The percentage of additive should be added basing on demand. Too much additive may influence the performance of the adhesive and shorten the using time.
    3. Adhesive after diluted should be used in time and can’t be left for too long, or its delamination will lose efficacy because of the significantly reduction of stability.

  • How long is the preservation time of the prepared GOOD PU adhesive?


    1. Normally, the prepared adhesive can be preserved for 4 to 6 hours, but the time varies because of the percentage of hardener added.
    2. Because of the storage methods and environment, the film or pellets may appear in the adhesive sooner than expected, which may influence the performance of the adhesive.

  • Can the prepared GOOD water-based PU adhesive be used the other day?


    The prepared adhesive can only be used within 4 to 6 hours. The overnight prepared adhesive, which has pellets and lumps has already lost efficacy and can’t be used.

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